Is a pdf2png / pdf2jpeg GUI written in Java. It is a very thin and specialized front end for java.net’s pdf-renderer.

Provided you have Java installed and Java Web Start enabled, you can start PDF-JRasterizer now.

It should run on any machine that has Java 1.5 or newer installed. I have tested it on Windows XP with Java 1.6, Mac OS 10.4 Tiger (Java 1.5) & 10.6 Snow Leopard (Java 1.6).

Features :

Save one or all of a pdf’s pages to png or jpg image(s) of the size you want (< 12000 x 12000 px) !

Usage :

I have strived to make the interface as simple as possible, so the functionality is very focused (limited).

Example : To save the 1st page from a pdf as a png of a size of at most 4000x4000 pixels in the same directory that the pdf was found, with the extension .png instead of .pdf:

You can adjust the size of the image that is rendered/saved. You can change the image type between png and jpg. You can choose to save either the current page or all the pages with the current settings (size, type, location. The name of the saved image will contain the page number).

Issues :

Same as pdf-renderer. Some pdf will render incompletely, other will not render at all.

The source code is available on github, under the same license as pdf-renderer (LGPL).

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