Checking the status of the Apple Dev Center

Back in July, the Apple Dev Center went down (July 18th 2013). After 8 days of outage, Apple brought back up some of the sub-systems and published a page with the status of all the components of the Apple Developer Center.

It was announced that some of the systems would take a long time to become operational again. So, to keep an eye on things, I created a Panic Status Board table widget1, and a Pythonista script to know when each part would come back. I tweeted and app.net-posted about both, and Federico Viticci tweaked the script to add a notification after 6 hours and posted about both versions on MacStories.net. Fernando Crespo updated it to make it show the activity indicator while the Apple status page is being fetched.

On the 10th of August (2013), Apple finally brought everything back online and I hadn’t yet blogged about it.

Today, Apple announced a scheduled maintenance downtime of the Apple Dev Center for this evening (Saturday, August 17th @ 6pm PDT), so I guess now is my last2 chance to relevantly blog about the widget and the script. To dust things off3, I updated my pythonista script to incorporate Fernando’s activity indicator tweak and to also show both the last time the page was fetched and updated by Apple (also4). For the widget, I reduced the update interval of the data from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.

So, if you have Pythonista and want to keep an eye on the Apple Dev Center status on your iPhone / iPad, you can download and run this gist.

If you have Status Board and want to keep an eye on ADC status on your iPad, you can add one of these widgets (links launch the app):

If you’d rather keep an eye on only some of the systems, you can create a custom widget that only shows the systems you’re interested in.

Here is what a custom and status-only widget look like when some of the systems were down:

Apple Dev Center composite widget

And when all the systems are up, with a bit more context:


  1. The data shown was updated every 5 minutes.  ↩

  2. Until the next outage.  ↩

  3. Though there was not much dust after only 3 weeks.  ↩

  4. And added author and license information.  ↩

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