Calendar About Nothing

A while ago, there was a HN post about Jerry Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret. In the comments, a few interesting links showed up, amongst which calendar about nothing which generates your streak (an unbroken sequence of days in which you attained some personnal objective) from your public (open source) github commits.

When It was mentioned again a few month later in another HN post (Ask HN: Share a gem. Teach me and you.) and I was already using github, I decided to give it a try. Long story short, my public output dramatically increased :


Obviously not all days are equally productive, but at least every day I move something forward, either some code or some content for this blog (as announced earlier, this blog’s content is on publicly available on github). One of the drawbacks is that on some days I do a commit, keep working and only commit these changes the next day. But on average, it is a net gain.

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