Quick Comments About “Happy go Lucky” and “In Bruges”

My wife and I went to see “In Bruges” and “Happy-go-lucky”. These movies are proofs that there Hollywood should not be all that matters. They prove that “Hollywood-sized” budgets are not necessary to make good movies. You can just have good actors play well and deliver a good screenplay, You don’t need slow-motion or wobbly shoulder camera for every bullet shot. You don’t need a gag every 5 seconds or someone getting kicked in the nuts every other minute to smile or laugh.

Similarly, you don’t need over-made-up blond bimbo spending time and fortunes in shopping and dreaming of the white kinght for a romantic comedy. You can just have good actresses playing the elementary school teachers, busy with their life. Not everything needs to always be pink all the time or dark all the time. Pastel colors exits too.

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