The magic of unix

Today i had to make a java program work, and it was spewing out a lot of errors, most of which can be explained by external causes (trying to connect to servers which are currently down). So i have a log file, containing traces, exception stacks etc… : a lot of stuff is repeated . So how can i weed out the uninteresting ?

well first , remove the duplicates. option a : write a perl script to do that.
option b : ask a friend if there is a simpler way .

option b tends to work quite often in my office: it turns out there of course is a unix/linux/cygwin command to do just that : uniq!

But the manual says that it works only on sequential lines, and I have dates in that log file. how do i cut out the date part ? well, option b to the rescue : just use cut!

So after cut you have lines which can be uniq'd , if only they were sorted. Well it turns out there is a sort command ! who would have thought ;).

so: first you cut then you sort, then you uniq passing each other through … pipes of course :).

cut -f 2 -d , test.txt | cut -b 4- | sort | uniq
cut -f 2 text -d ] test.txt | sort | uniq

test that it is possible to add some text

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