Wouldn’t it be cool if … (updated)

Sometimes I am doing something, like browsing my favorite blogs or just doing my work or watching some video and i have one of those little “wouldn’t it be cool if”(tm) moments. Like the other day : I was tagging something for my del.icio.u account, while , in another tab reading some feeds through google reader, and in yet another tagging my recently uploaded pictures on flickr. And i though :

“Wouldn’t it be cool if there was an app that allowed me to search for my tags both in del.icio.us and in google reader ?”. Now if i was better at organizing my time, i would already have whipped up my favorite editor and done some demo, realized that it could work or found a design flaw, and pass to my next great idea. But i am unfortunately not that good, and i have a lot of stuff that i feel i have to do. Like say, implementing a J2ME CLDC 2.0 compliant unTar class, based on com.ice.tar (here). Just because i want a fullscreen java version of this mapview.

So I am going to list my “wouldn’t it be cool” moments so that they are not lost while I stall on my current projects. Here goes :
wouldn’t it be cool if …

  • I could search through my del.icio.us , flickr , google reader, blog etc … from the same place, without having to connect to each site individualy.(long time ago there was an app that searched through a lot of search engines and gave you the top 10 entriese from each website) .

  • On my mac, when I tag some picture with “add to flickr”, something would find that picture, upload it to flickr and then tag it with “on flickr”.

  • iTunes allowed me to add my divx to my movie library.

  • There was a way of visualizing my music library as a city : imagine having the a jazz street, a rock street, a classical street, on the sides of which there would be a cube per album of an artist in the genre, and the cubes would pile up when they are of the same artist. Just like in some ipod/appleTV ads.

  • a way to filter for dupes and cross-posting in a feed aggregator : say, you are following the kottke, boingboing, daringfireball, tuaw and make blogs, and one of them post something from the other. Half the time, you don’t really want to read twice about the same thing. Or if you are following engadget and gizmodo, they very often post about the same thing, not even counting the dupes within their feeds.

//Update : the whole point of this post is that if you think it’s cool, then either you contact me to ask me to do it, or you do it and then tell me that you did. I won’t ask royalties or any such crap. It’s just application that would be nice to have around. It doesn’t matter who really creates them :) .

That’s it for now. I guess I’ll post more of those moment when they happen.

Nicolas, Out.

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