Incarcerex and Scarex

This “ad” sounds true in every country, and not just with the “drug problem”. Solving society problems without recoursing to Incarserex requires brain power and “shade of gray” thinking. Not popular with voters ? I guess one of the side effects of using incarserex might also be that prisons hosts and guests number are increasing, costing more money. And possibly more votes. Oh wait, people in prison don’t vote, do they ? And the prison wardens are paid [logical shortcut] to vote for people who take Incarcerex. Which is in their familly interest too.

  1. You have a part of the population which interest is to have tighter law (on drugs).
  2. Said part vote for people who take Incarcerex.
  3. Tighter laws get passed.
  4. Thighter laws are easier to get afool of, so you get to put more people in prison, then you need more prisons and more wardens.
  5. Go to point 1, only with more people.
  6. Profit ! only not for society.
Warning : above reasonning supposes that people don't think, that drug-user number doesn't increase too much faster than anti-drug-users number.

Above symptoms are common side effect of other very popular pills : securitex/scarex. Affected population is the class of people working for the military-industrial complex. In this particular case, do not forget that politician are subventioned by said parties to take the scarex pill.

Nico, out.

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