Ode to my cameraphone

They say that a good camera is the camera that you have at hand. And it’s true that, however crappy the camera of my phones are, a lot of surprising pictures wouldn’t have been taken without it. Plus it allows for discrete taking of pictures without bothering the subject with noisy clicks, bips or whirrr. Here is a sample of pictures that I took on the way, without expecting to come accross a photo subject :

This sleeping kid. Or this very old Ford.Or the latest Lamborghini.Or even those involuntary goatse reminder ( I hope it is unvoluntary). Or this nice ad. This is a random sculpture I took on the way home. Or this bus for hell that i didn’t take to go to work.

This pictures where mostly taken on the way to somewhere else, running errands or commuting. Half of the subjects are transient. I took cars waiting at stops or red traffic lights. Or from the bus. This crappy but handy cameraphone allowed me to stop all those instants. And unleash them on the unsuspecting flickr crowd ;)

So thank you very much to the person that added the first a camera to a cell phone. I just hope they make them faster to start and snap.

Nicolas, out.

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