Gigantic Panoramas

Crazy what you can do with patience and autostitch ! Both picture here are made of 30 something picture. This are the “max flickr size” version so that flickr can do the thumbnails (max 15000px wide). I uploaded the originals too. They are 19800 and 22800 px wide, but have black thumbnails. Maybe someday I will dislplay them on a lot of screen using displayator.

360° panorama from Rotenboden click here to go to the original circular panorama

Wide panorama from Rotenboden
click here to get to the original 180° panorama

Bugs met during making of those pictures : I was using the demo of autostitch and had to set the size of the generated panorama to be between 75 and 80% of the original. Otherwise I got some out of memory message. The memory option was set to the max possible(-1.5G) and I have 2G of memory installed.
In flickr, picture with one dimension >= 15000px (or an uncompressed size >250MB) will not get miniaturized. Miniatures will be replaced by black placeholder. It seems to be a longstanding known bug. I found a 18month old thread about that bug on their forum.

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