Crazy weather !

I took those two pictures on monday (march the 19th 2007), a couple of days before Spring! And last week I was hopping around in T-shirt ! The flowers have been here for 2 week at least. Last week’s weather was wonderful, sunny and with almost warm temperatures. And since Sunday it’s been crappy: rainy or snowy, windy, cloudy. Today’s weather is almost nice, with the sun peeking back. But the weather forecast says “not for long”. Here are two pictures illustrating this contrast.

some pink flowers     snow covered car roof
Both pictures were taken the same day, at the same place in geneva, with a 2 hours and a half interval (before and after doing the laundry ;).

UPDATE : It currently is snowing (2007, March 21 @ 9.14 am) in CERN prevessin (4 km away and 54 m higher than Geneva). Now that’s Spring !!!

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