Introducing Displayator !

Displayator is a Java program used to display a picture on many screens: that can mean different parts of a big picture on different screens, and the same picture on different screens. The screens can of course belong to different computers (if they are networked). The aim is to have a multiscreen/multicomputer google maps like application.

The download is unfortunately quite useless without some big pictures. you can get some nice one from the esa. for example, this big picture of some dried up river on mars or any from this other part of the esa website : miravi

This is version 0.1 . The functionality is very basic. but I am now familiar and confident enough with the underlying technology to be able to add functionality.

Requirements : java 1.4.2
The networking part uses xmlrpc, but it s included in the jar so no additional downloading.

Functionalities in the pipeline :
I will add grouping of the mini view so that you can lock them all together and pan them over the picture.
I will as well add the ability to pan the picture from the displayer instead of the manager (at last something like google maps ;).
You currently have choose the picture to open at launch time, and I will try to improve that.
The port on which the application work is hardcoded, that will very probably change.
At some point in the future I will add the ability to rotate the displayed picture (by 90 degres increment at first).
Some zoom functionality will probably be implemented.

in some distant future :
add layers and markers, most probably a couple of coordinate systems and the ability to fetch the tiles from google maps and other sources.

Update 2007/02/08 : My home server panicked after i updated its kernel, so I fixed the “Displayator” link to something more available.

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