###Hibernating As of August 2011, this project is in hibernation. It works, but development has ceased. Its name is used for another project that is currently live at www.displayator.com. That other project does display big images on the iPhone and iPad, but does not currently aim to do it across multiple screens.

###What ? Displayator is a program that allows you to display parts of a picture on multiple screens. Think google map synchronized across multiple displays and multiple computers, but with the pcture of your choice.

###Why ? At Cern they have this control room,called CCC with lots and lots of screen side by side, controled alternatively by windows and linux machines. So I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to use all those screen to display big pictures ? Thus Displayator.

###How ? There are three agents that form the displayator program :

It uses XMLRPC to transfer tiles and commands

Here is my latest post about displayator. Latest release is v0.4 (alpha: works, but not many features).
You can download displayator 0.4

###Others ?

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