iPhone notes

The diagnostic phone number : 3001#12345# . It is useless to add it to a “tel” link as the number is stripped of the * and # .

It is also useless to add it to a contact for the purpose of dialing it. it somehow doesn’t work.

iPhone 1G vs IPhone 3G main differences :

  • GPS : nice, but sucks battery like its going out of fashion.
  • 3G : well, I haven’t had the occasion of using it much yet.
  • Better reception : quite improved. The wifi scanner picks up many more access points, and the “edge” connection is kept further away from the nearest base station.
  • new shape + new shell material : does holds much better in the hand.
  • Different screen temperature.
  • Sound of the speaker (bottom of the device) is different, less clear but stronger, almost like there is some kind of echo.
— ~ —